Ok well the first day is in the books. Did it turn out the way I had hoped? Not completely. So I get on the plane everything seems to be going as well as I could imagine. Check-in, security, flight is on schedule etc . We take off and we land. Oh I left out three hours of excellent rest. I head to baggage boom all my stuff is there. Sweet right, I get on transit and my atm card won’t work. Finallly I’ve gotten to the counter rung up a rental and my card boom works. Kia Soul brand new nice smell and is a good car. I am heading to the place that soon will either make me or change my outlook. Make a pit stop for a biscuit and well you know some other stuff and I leave my keys in my seat come back and the car is locked. Keys are staring at me from the drivers seat all doors locked. Ok no biggie right, call roadside assistance and no hitch’s there so I wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. The whole time my phone has died and I can’t contact anyone. The owner is waiting to meet me the whole time. I think of walking, Uber, Lyft, etc etc but decide against it. There is a feeling of failure beginning to rear it’s ugly head. What do I do? So finally three hours later here comes the guy. We open it rather quickly and I’m on my way. Now let’s look at this I’m supposed to be there around 730-830. It’s 1145. I get there and owner is gone had to leave. So I make the best of the horrible situation. It seems that it isn’t so bad and I kinda move on. We look at the shop and it’s nice very well maintained. Clean and has everything you’d need to get it done. I’m super happy with what I’ve seen. We have lunch and of course I get lost and. It takes me longer than expected. I learned one thing here where I’m at. You count extra time to do everything. SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN. I get back and am told that we are going to have a talk. So here it goes. The owner is pretty upset about me not getting there and I can’t even come up with anything except it was an unstoppable event. What should I have done? I come to realize that the guy is just like my dad. Old school granite family. Been in the business 40+ years. Knows his stuff and won’t budge on the traditions of the industry. I like this in a sense and also don’t. Lol. So we make it through the conversation and I’m on my way. Haircut, shave, dinner and boom im in my room enjoying some of Colorado’s finest. Say a nice little prayer and I’m out. Wake up here I am. So day 1 god prevails and day 2 is about to happen. Excited yet nervous and so on and so forth. So continue to listen and tune in for more as the real stuff starts today.


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